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3 Ways to Create a Positive Gaming Ecosystem

As esports grows in popularity, the gaming ecosystem is getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, the esports and gaming environment is still full of toxic comments containing insults and insults. This certainly shows how gamers in general and esports fans in particular are still immature. If they are mature fans, of course the gaming and esports ecosystem in Indonesia will be more positive. So, what if we want to create a positive gaming environment? Check out how here. 1. Understand


Xcoder in Gaming

These 2 Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes Only Have One Skin Until Now, Why?

The skin in Mobile Legends (ML) shows that the user is quite interested in this Hero. So what happens if one Hero only has one skin, even then the Normal skin at the beginning, which has become a hallmark of every Mobile Legends release. The strong reason is because of the Hero's unpopularity. What causes the release of their skins is often delayed even though several surveys have also been seen for the following skins. Yes, the two heroes are Vale and Faramis. Vale source :


Xcoder in Mobile Legends