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  1. This is a list of web hosting services that are working in 2020. 000WebHost - http://www.000webhost.com | https://www.000webhost.com/752926.html FlokiNET - http://floakinet.is | https://billing.flokinet.is/aff.php?aff=195 DarkHost - https://darkhost.pro | https://darkhost.pro/aff.php?aff=26 iFastNet - https://ifastnet.com | https://ifastnet.com/portal/aff.php?aff=26090 Contabo - http://contabo.com Awardspace - https://www.awardspace.com Atspace - https://www.atspace.com HostSlick - https://hostslick.com
  2. Windows Firewall Exception Generator creates command line code that create rules to allow a specific exe to access the internet and bypass the Firewall restriction. This is part of Batch Generator by Privateloader. From Windows Help When you add an app to the list of allowed apps in a firewall —sometimes called unblocking— you allow a specific app to send info to or from your PC through the firewall. How to? Specify a filename and a filepath Example: filename : rundll32 filepath : c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe Download http://nitroflare.com/view/F6B7BEEF62FAB1D/Windows_Firewall_Exception_Generator.zip Virus Scan https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d445688036ec2b39cc8bb52ee13faa7aaa77f864b93afcf11d641494817e7e8d/detection
  3. Code examples in HTML and Javascript. HTML Teacher V3 https://www.file-up.org/hkqdf4g2ldvs https://uploadrar.com/oyiytam4ucg8 https://www.uploadship.com/14fdddde52814c2f Javascript Teacher V1 https://www.file-up.org/rg2r033g1mzf https://uploadrar.com/vkyfnovlkzwu https://www.uploadship.com/aecec70413cbca85
  4. This is a list of video hosting sites where a user can upload videos and make money with them. FlashX - https://www.flashx.tv/free248264.html VidToDo - https://vidtodo.com/reg8653.html Vidoza - https://vidoza.net/reg100017.html ClipWatching - https://clipwatching.com/reg12561.html TheVideoBee - https://thevideobee.to/reg3214.html StreamCloud - http://streamcloud.eu/ HDvid - https://hdvid.tv/reg2386.html GO Unlimited - https://gounlimited.to/reg5802.html IDTBox - https://idtbox.com/reg1462.html streamZ - https://streamz.cc FastPlay - https://fastplay.to VideoShare - https://vshare.eu/free17585.html StreamPlay - http://streamplay.to VidCloud - https://vidcloud.co VideoWood - http://videowood.tv VUP - https://vup.to VIVO SX - https://vivo.sx JetLoad - http://jetload.net VidCloud - https://vidcloud.co Fembed - https://www.fembed.com VidLox - https://vidlox.me/reg43804.html StreamZ - https://streamz.cc/signup.dll?ref=296231 UpFiles - http://upfiles.pro ClipWatching - https://cwatching.live/reg44316.html Videobin - https://videobin.co/reg3958.html TazVids - https://tazvids.com/reg130.html UpStream - https://upstream.to/reg717.html ProStream - https://prostream.to/reg1131.html Videomega - https://www.videomega.co Replaye - https://replaye.com Digiload - https://digiload.co/ SuperVideo - https://supervideo.tv/reg1149.html Vidload - https://www.vidload.net StreamWire - https://streamwire.net/reg669.html Updated: 09/02/2020 More video hosting services will be added soon...