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ClxCode 1.1.0

Release Date: 07/30/2019

Key Changes

Key Changes

Version 1.1.0 is a maintenance update to fix issues reported since 1.0.9

Additional Information


  • Added chatbox


  • Improved the performance of the Unarchive task.
  • Fixed an issue where posts from ignored members were visible if the author was in a highlighted group.
  • Fixed an issue where archive settings could be saved with no more than or less than selection.
  • Fixed an issue where hiding a topic without an existing first post would stop the queue to hide all the members content.


  • Implemented logging to the moderator log, when a moderator toggles the purchasable status of a file.
  • Removed the button to copy the Log Downloads category setting which does not apply.

Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode

  • Fixed malformed HTML in the admin `tabs` HTML template which caused problems when hooks were created for this template.
  • The Application and Plugin directory are limited to 80 characters.
  • Fixed an issue where email template parameters may not be captured properly to generate the email subject, resulting in an error.
  • Fixed a potential error that may be encountered while working with Calendar dates from command line (i.e. tasks being executed via cron).
  • Fixed an error that can occur with email statistics when different applications use the same email subject language string.
  • Fixed a few functions that needed to be called from the root namespace.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • Added `\IPS\Node\Model::deleteLogPermissions()` method to allow applications to specify permissions for managing deletion logs.
  • js.php javascript loader no longer creates an external dispatcher instance.
  • `\IPS\Content::logDelete()` and `\IPS\core\DeletionLog::setContentAndMember()` now accept FALSE for the member parameter, which will store the deletion log as if no specific member deleted the content.
  • Added a new `digestWhere()` method to content items, this allows you to specify an additional where clause when processing digests. 

* Items in red require extensive testing.

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